CROFT Watches was born from the desire of blending the Australian lifestyle with the London gentleman style, and not having to break the bank to do so either.

We embarked on a journey to design a watch that is stylish enough to impress but also handles anything everyday life throws at you.

After all, a watch doesn’t only tell the time but is a statement that defines the wearer - an extension of your persona. But it must also be durable to handle everything you do, the beach, snow, rock climbing, whatever your thing is - we've got your back.

We have taken aspects from both London and Melbourne cultures and infused them into a series of watches, and we want you to be part of this fusion that, through CROFT Watches, will only expand.

We also believe in value for money which is why we’ve cut out the middlemen - we work directly with our suppliers. This means that we can price our watches considerably lower than other counterparts in the market!

We believe in the personal touch, so we actually visit the factories of our suppliers, we want to put a name to a face, we want to know that our products are responsibly sourced and that the factories treat their employees well.

    This is your way to embrace the London style, the Australian way.


    All CROFT Watches are designed with the end consumer in mind, particularly with regards to delivering high quality products at affordable prices. To do this we have broken the norm of traditional sales methods and created our own where we deliver directly to the consumer.

    We have optimised the manufacturing and distribution stages to ensure there are as few steps as possible, whilst maintaining superior quality. We've removed many of the intermediaries who artificially inflate prices by taking cuts, commissions and additional mark-ups.

    We still use the same manufacturers and materials as many of our competitors, but with sensible manufacturing and distribution processes we can deliver our products at a fraction of the price.


    We strive to deliver the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices.

    Our watches are made from:




    Shaun was the visionary behind CROFT Watches, being a watch enthusiast but just unable to afford the watches he wanted (his favourite brands are IWC and A. Lange & Söhne). He was spurred on to start CROFT Watches and create high quality watches at affordable prices for the everyday person.

    Armed with a degree in Product Design Engineering, experience within automotive manufacturing and a head for finance and investments, he set about designing, engineering and developing the watch that he wanted. One that handles the rigours of everyday life, but also versatile for both formal and social occasions.



    Tord began his career by founding the largest UK freeskiing website,, whilst finishing his Masters degree in Branding at Brunel University - where he met CROFT Watches founder, Shaun.

    He then started a career with Amer Sports, which is where he finished up after 5 years as Sports Marketing Manager for all the Amer Sports’ brands including Salomon, Suunto, Atomic, Wilson and Bonfire Snowboards.

    He currently heads up his own sports marketing agency, Iconic Agency, that specialises in athlete management, content creation and marketing consulting within action sports.