The CROFT Family - Part 1

Here at CROFT Watches we like to celebrate the unknown, the undiscovered and the unusual so we've started a blog series highlighting our family of friends throughout the arts and sports world.

Cam, thanks for joining us. Tell us a bit about what you do?

Of course, no problem. I make films and I’ve been making them in some form or another for the past 5 years. At the moment my entire focus is on a project entitled Forte: "A filmmaker capturing his best friend's journey through the music industry.”...My best friend Ben and I are both chasing our creative dreams around the world…I thought it would be pretty great to capture those memories. 

And what is your proudest work?

I think it’s too early to really start talking about my proudest work…it makes me feel like my career is already over haha. However, I’m incredibly proud of my first paid gig. I think that’s true for so many artists. The first time somebody appreciates your work to the point that they’re willing to give you actual, real, non-monopoly money…it’s a great feeling. The first gig was a writing camp in Sweden by the way. I saw a Moose. 

What have you learnt about going out on your own? Any good advice?

Three things:

  1. The most important: Hard work. Hard work. Hard work…and knowing when to watch Netflix for 12 hours straight. Don’t burn out.  
  2. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who care about you and want the best for you. Negative people are poisonous. 
  3. Budget like your life depends on it. It’s terrifying how quickly those zeros disappear.


As many of the followers of ‘Forte’ (Cam’s vlog - Check it out here) will know, you and Ben are heading out to Los Angeles to live with fellow CROFT Watch Ambassadors, Life of Dillon. What’s the plan out there? What are you looking forward to?

Ahhhhhhhh I can’t wait haha. Clearly. Moving to L.A is massive. But it’s just the beginning. I’ve sacrificed a lot over the last 5 years; I’ve missed out on parties, relationships, it feels great to be making substantial moves in the right direction. And the plan is simple: be with friends, make films and eat a lot of burritos. Possibly an unhealthy amount. But hey, the plan says I have to. 

You’re a CROFT Watch wearer, what do you really like about the watches?

That it feels like it could survive a nuclear explosion and look good doing it. Seriously. I’m clumsy as shit and it’s still ticking. 

Which watch combination is your current favourite?

The black case/white face with the brown strap is my current favourite, but I love the face I can switch it around to different styles by just changing the strap.

Had any comments from people about it?

I only just managed to get my hands on one but I will let you know the moment it happens!

What future plans do you have?

After L.A, Ben and I plan on moving to Stockholm. We have some great friends there and it’s incredible for music. I will miss the L.A. burritos however. 

How can readers of this blog check your work out?

They can check out my youtube channel:

Or follow Forte on Facebook:

Or follow my Instagram:


And finally, what does #MyAdventureMyStyle mean to you?

I love it! #MyAdventureMyStyle simply means do your thing. Unless your thing is murder. Then maybe ease up on that. 



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