The Beauty of a Watch

We’ve all been there. Ready for the night out, the job interview or suited up for a big occasion - but something is missing.

A stylish watch makes an outfit – we’re not just saying that because we’ve designed a stylish, affordable watch – oh no, a good watch could land you that dream job, save you from being lost in the desert or simply just spark a conversation with somebody.


Here at CROFT Watches, we’re big believers that you should be able to wear a watch going from the office meeting, to the beach and then straight to dinner without feeling out of place.

Every watch in the CROFT collection can be paired with a magnitude of styles; be it a suit, casual jeans and leather jacket or boardies and a tee!

We’re no fashion gurus but we do know that a watch is more than just an accessory for telling the time, it’s an extension of your style.



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