CROFT Watches was started with the belief of infusing culture across two countries halfway across the world from each other and showcasing their ways of life in a watch.

When talking about travelling and cultures, time is something that unifies everyone regardless of colour, race, demographic or religious standing. Morning is still morning and evening is still evening. Like a beautiful sunset or the tide coming in, time is the one thin red line that travels through everyone.

Croft At Night
In times when we believe that unification will make us stronger against all things evil in this world, time will never change. People across the world will still say good morning regardless of everything bad that happens.
You may have different religious views, sexual orientation or financial standing but time is never changing and is shared, regardless of the above.
When you’re travelling through time zones to other cultures, always remember that you can always find common ground through one sentence; “What’s the time?”




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