What makes a CROFT Watch

What makes a CROFT Watch

CROFT Watches came about to fill a void in the market. The goal was to deliver a high quality watch, that could be the needs of most environments, whilst being affordable.

Shaun wanted the watch for the office, beach and outdoor adventures, Tord wanted a watch that met the needs of his outdoor sports clients. Both of them wanted the watch to feel high quality and luxurious.

First samples

The research started by looking at luxury watch brands, ignoring their price and branding, and focusing on what materials they were made of. Essentially, what the core nuts and bolts of the watches are. Every watch has four key components, the watch case, crystal, movement and strap.

The Watch case

Many watches out there use cheap alloys, so you need to keep an eye on what metal the case is made of - it may look nice polished but will let you down at the first opportunity. However, our watch cases are made from 316L grade stainless steel, this is surgical grade stainless steel! The properties of this metal make it extremely tough and strong, but also allow it to handle extreme heat and cold. 316 stainless steel is considered to be “Marine-Grade”, so it’s corrosion resistant, don’t worry about taking our watches in the sea - we have you covered. Our “Richmond” collection watches are also water resistant to 5 ATM’s (that’s 50 metres to you and I).



The Crystal

In the latest line of CROFT Watches, we have incorporated sapphire crystal to make it withstand any scratches and knocks it may gather on going about your day-to-day activities. Many ‘luxury’ watches, at a similar price to CROFT Watches, cut corners and just use natural glass. We really can’t imagine calling a watch with natural glass ‘luxury’!


So what is Sapphire Crystal? It’s a transparent crystal that, when naturally formed becomes blue, red, yellow and therefore utilized in jewelry all across the world. In the industry of high-end consumer products, sapphire crystal is utilised for its hardness because it is in fact twice as hard as natural glass and nearly as hard as a diamond. This means that it is practically impossible to scratch and has the strength that is ten times more than stainless steel.

One thing you can be certain is that with your CROFT Watch, you will have the technology that is used in shatter resistant windows, bulletproof glass and even the barcode readers at supermarkets.

The movement

The movement of a watch is a watches heart. It’s the mechanism which keeps the cogs moving and the hands ticking. A true luxury watch would have a automatic or manual winding movement, most likely produced by a master craftsman, and most likely produced in Switzerland. However, our watches are quartz (which are often more accurate at keeping time than an automatic or manual) which removes the need for a master craftsman, and so we have chosen a movement from Miyota, a Japanese company with a great background in producing reliable movements.

The Strap

All of the straps in our latest range are made from genuine leather (see image below), with a specially made buckle colour matched to the same colour as your watch case. The majority of our leather straps are imported leathers, selected for their superior texture and providing added comfort for the wearer. All leather straps come with quick release pins, so that you can adjust your watch for your event in no time at all. We also produce a metal band, which again is produced from 316L stainless steel for the exact same reasons the case is.

The leather straps

Our choice of materials for each of the five factors above are in common with many watches which retail for $500 or more, but our pricing strategy of approaching the manufacturers directly and selling direct to customers allows us to price our watches for the everyday person - but we’ll save that story for another day.




I have just received my Richmond watch (black and black) and have to say, well done guys, it’s beautiful, feels like superior quality, and the watch case is also a work of beauty. Let’s see how it resists to time, wear and tear but so far couldn’t be happier with my purchase.


Wow! This is great, whilst reading this article I developed a relationship and a story through understanding each component, and reading how you have thought about our needs!

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