Kickstarter Launch


CROFT Watches is a new independent watch brand, designing and producing high quality affordable watches. Dually based out of Melbourne, Australia, and London, England, they have created watches that are versatile for the beach, yet formal enough to be in a boardroom.

For the founders of CROFT, it was essential to have a product that is as much at home outdoors, as it is for formal occasions. Therefore the watches are produced with a scratch-resistant, highly durable, sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, as well as quick-release interchangeable leather watch straps, to make sure you always keep the watch looking fresh.

The team sought to ensure the watches were affordable after seeing the brand inflation and retail markup many popular brands pass on to consumers. We know the cost to these popular brands is a fraction of what they cost to buy in store due to the many intermediaries in the sales chain. We have streamlined the entire process and deliver directly to the consumer, bypassing all of the intermediaries along the way.

No detail has been left untouched with our watches. Every aspect has been considered, from the small detail of the logo lightly engraved onto the crown, through to running a production run of 100 watches to ensure that our watches look as beautiful as they do on paper.

See the full campaign over on Kickstarter here.



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